The Ballad of the Champion é uma poesia medieval estilo balada, composição de ‎Driele Andrade Breves, estudante de Letras, durante a disciplina de Literatura. A poesia é baseada na história de Dragon Age II e no romance entre os personagens Champion Mage e Fenris. Somente em inglês.


The Ballad of the Champion

Shadows fell. Right and wrong long gone
Sudden as death, and also as lethal
With not a sword to be bared in opposition
The Blight came, devouring the land and its people

Hawke had not a drop of blood locked behind
And they had to leave, or be slain
After they mustered themselves and fled
Lothering would never be seen again

But a great disgrace befell upon him
A monster ever so terrible his sister fought
On the beast’s hand her life ceased to be
Tears and prayers, his mother distraught

Off to Kirkwall they sent
With other many they were crated
While morn and eve danced
They dreamed of the wealth that awaited

But more misfortune they faced
For when they headed thither
They certainly did not expect
The truth to be so bitter

Into servitude they were sold
And still in poverty they crawled
A chance of change only showed
When a dwarf of him recalled

Prior to the expedition
A marked elf he met
Under a crust of brood and anger
Dire secrets he kept

Alas, the quest took his brother
In exchange for a piece of red stone
Rich and grieving, to his mother returned
Unaware of what he had done

Fenris the elf gained his heart
But he was still held by his former shackles
And not even Hawke’s kindness and affection
Spoke louder than those grim echoes

Still, one night they laid together
But their love scorched Fenris’ body
Ignoring Hawke’s deprecation
He left his bed, aching and sorry

And then came that tragic eve
When Hawke’s mother disappeared
He sought for her, a trail of blood…
And the worst he feared

A dark mage they found
In his dungeon she lied dead
He sent the wicked man from this world
And Fenris was now all he had

After the Qunari menace he vanquished
The title of Champion he got
And the City of Chains reveled
At the peace that he brought

O, Maker, O, Maker
Why need things be like this
Just when life seemed bright
There came the former master of his

Distressed by anger and fear
Fenris wanted his suffering to end
After they fought a harrowing battle
The Magister’s heart pumps in Fenris’ hand

Many years passed
And their love only grew
They were blind to the catastrophe
That a mage started to brew

With an iron fist the Templar ruled
Due to the relic’s humming
After so many cruelties
She really had it coming

Many were killed, many would still be
But the Champion would not slay a friend
Even under heavy disapproval
Fellowship held his hand

Blame bestowed upon him
He had nowhere to hide
At least, even reluctant
Fenris remained by his side

The Enchanter, in despair
Resorted to a dark spell
He called the dead to him
And dead, too, he fell

The Commander lost herself
To her sword of red stone
Even her Templars saw
That her sense was gone

She went on a bersek of rage
And ended up deranged
After her utmost defeat
The world was forever changed

The outcome went awry
And the world was nearly ended
Mages and Templars rebelled
All of them frenzied

The Champion journeyed away
With Fenris, of course
He had to cure the world
Before it got even worse

Now in a fortress they live
After he cast one last spell
He laid his staff aside
And uttered, “I am content. I did well”



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